Thursday, November 23, 2006

Terrible Day!!

I really didn't think that my week could get any worse.
OSAP is already screwing me over for my first year of a course that was such a waste of my time and now this.
*pouts* because I can...

My mom left me a million messages while I was in class today about how I needed to call her immediately and how it was important. This is usual mom stuff for her but I kind of got the feeling it was more important than "I need you to pick out paint over the phone."
As it turns out, I was right. So Ange and I are being sued by our old asshole landlord from last summer. Great. Like I needed anything else to make my life more stressful..
My mom, being the kind of person that she is, already has a lawyer and all the forms for me to fill out. Go mom.
The thing is, it's all bullshit.
He's suing us for leaving our lease early.
There's no way around it, guilty as charged.
But with good reason. Very good reason. Lots of them in fact.
All of these reasons, are listed in the Tenant's Protection Act., which can make our lease null and void. Awesome.And we did send him a registered letter, informing him of our impending move.
This is so messed up. It ruined my entire day by 11 AM. That's just screwed up in itself...
I won't go into details... but to help myself de-stress a bit, and get myself organized to fill out all the stupid legal paperwork, that has to be done by this weekend, I'm going to run through a few different things that happened.
Luckily. Somewhere.. I have a log of everything that happened, with dates and approximate times, just in case something like this happened, since he was a complete dick. Go Ange's mom.. and her let's back ourselves up legally plan.
(On top of all this stuff, there are police reports and a letter from the Gas Company)
What he's suing us for is $7000. This is for back rent and for utilities while his new tentant(s) were living there. Which is complete bullshit. Everything that was in my name was transferred over to our new house. He didn't have to get the utilities turned back on, that was his decision.
Anyway, a quick Kevin Flood is a dick landlord list is:
(Keep in mind we only lived there for 2 months)
He routinely called at 2 and 4 AM.
He left harassing messages for all of us.
Randomly showed up at the house, demanding rent that we had already paid and been given receipts for it. Then when we kindly pointed this out (around midnight usually) he'd demand the next few months rent.
[I did give into this once, went to the bank and gave him $1000 cash. BS eh?]
He tried to harass Ange about me.. neglecting to realize it was me on the phone..
After about 2 weeks of living there we had the gas switched from his name to ours. The gas company told us that they could not turn it on, because the furnace was unsafe. This was because SOMEbody had cut through a gas line and a pipe with a saw.. ya. safe.
He gave people the key to our house.. and let them go in as they please, without informing us.
He had the neighbours and others watch us and report back what we had been doing. Then interrogated us about it.and the kicker (of the short list at least)was that while I had just gotten out of the shower, was only in a towel, in the laundry room, talking to Ange, he decided to let himself in, take a walking tour of our house, and snoop. While we were there. He then quietly let himself back out.
After 1 month of all of this, we were all afraid to be in the house by ourselves and were afraid to even open the door or look out the window to see who was there when we were alone, and made plans to move.

and thus ends my rant so far. I hate landlords. The next house I live in, I will buy and not rent.
They suck. The End.

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